Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cuggle Me

I hadn't planned on starting another blog. I felt like once we closed the chapter on our time in New York, it was time to wrap up the personal blogging. After all, we are home in the Pacific Northwest again and able to see people more regularly. I have my gardening blog, which has been completely neglected. The last thing I need is yet another blog to neglect and/or waste time. Yet, every night when I go to bed I find myself thinking about some small thing that one of the kids did or said. I consider going downstairs and pulling out their baby books to make a note, but I never do. So I am starting this blog to capture these moments. These seemingly insignificant but wonderful parts of my day that make my life special. Also, there are times when my mind is bogged down and I need an outlet to work through whatever funk I might be in. I am not sure that this will capture readers, but this blog isn't about that. Someday when the kids are older, they might want to read about their childhood (or try to figure out why their mother is whacked!) and I will be glad I did this for them.

So let me tell you about Olivia's latest bit of adorable. Liv loves to snuggle and cuddle, which she has combined and renamed a "cuggle." Whenever I am busy around the house, cooking or picking up after the kids, she'll wrap herself around my leg and beg me to go cuggle on the couch. "Cuggle me, Mommy!" It's so dang cute that I cannot resist. I will scoop her up and we'll sit on the couch for a few minutes. It's the greatest reminder of why I love being home with her all day.


Missy said...

CUTE! The picture and the "cuggles." This is the best age. J-man is all about "snuggles" right now which sometimes means just steamrolling me and other times means cuddling. I love it! And I feel the exact same way you do about blogging. (So far, it's my only baby book.) On the plus side, if your computer ever crashes, like mine did last month, you will have some of those very favorite photos stored on your blog. Keep it up!

Emily Adamson said...

This is awesome and both you and the kids will love looking back at these pictures and having these reminders! And you're one lucky mom, Olivia is the cutest, I'd love a cuggle from her right now!