Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flaming Geyser State Park

Yesterday we took advantage of some nice weather and went for a hike at Flaming Geyser State Park. We were expecting to see some cool geysers, considering the parks name, but they were pretty disappointing. One of the geysers produces methane gas which is where the flaming part comes in. The other geyser is called bubbling geyser and it wasn't very active when we got there.
 Green River
Gavin dressed himself for the hike. Blue shirt layered with a husky jersey, paired with red plaid shorts over black long underwear. All combined with white socks and blue/orange checkered vans. WOW!
Olivia was a little bit whiny about having to walk because she's still fighting a cold but she did hold her own. It felt great to get outside to explore. We're hoping to visit as many state parks with the kids as we can over the years.


Missy said...

Okay so I need more out of your park reviews. Where is it? Would you recommend going or not? This one sounded okay but maybe not worth it? I'm counting on you to be my NW tour guide so when I can finally go, I'm ready! Blaze your own trails, Gavin! I like his individual style. ;)

Emily Adamson said...

I've never heard of this park - guess I need to get out more! Love Gav's outfit choice.